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This page lists some of the lyrics from recent and more popular older films. It is hoped to add one song a week.Ukindia would be grateful for contributions to this page. Please write the translation of your favourite song in the same style and send it to us Ukindia. The first line is in Hindi/Urdu and below this some of the words are translated .The third line contains the nearest English translation. Let us know if you find this page informative.

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Repeating verses are omitted

Prthivi-Jis Ghadi..

Male:When God made you he must have got the angels to do your make up.
Your hair must have been put in the deepest valley
Your eyes must have been dipped in wines
Rose nectar must have been expressed on your lips .
The moon's light must have washed your body
All the pretty angels of heaven must have dressed you.
All the beauty of the flowerbuds must He have granted you
And given you the voice of the nightingale
The stars must have decorated your eyebrows
By making you so unique
He must have rubbed out forever a matching beauty from his future book
Female: When God made me , at that very instant he created your desire for me in your heart.

Jis ghad'i tujhko tere rab ne banaya hoga
Jis (when) ghadi(time) tujko(you) tere(your) rab (god) ne (did) banaya (made) hoga ( done)
Tera singhar farishto se karaya hoga
tera(your) singhar (makep) farishto( angels) se (from) karaya( do) hoga(done)

teri zulfo ko ghataya men dighoya
teri(your) zulfon(hair) ko (idi) ghataon ( valleys) men( in)
teri ankhon ko sharabo men dubayo hoga
ankhon (eyes) sharabon( wines) duboyan( dip)

teri hoton pe gulabo ko nichoda
hoton(lips) pe(on) gulabo(roses) nichoda( express juice from)
chand ke noor se is jism ko doya hoga
Chand(moon) noor( light) se (with) is(this) jism(body) doya(wash)

sari hooron ne tujhe mil ke sajya hoga
sari(all) hooron(pretty angels) ne(did) mil( get togther) ke(did) sajaya(dressed up)
sari kalio ka tabasum tujhe baksha hoga
sari(all) kalion( flowerbuds) ka(of) tabasum baksha(given as gift)

uspe koyal ka taranum tujhe sonpa hoga
supe(on it) koyal(nightingale) taranum( ) sonpa(given to safeguard)
teri palko pe sitaron ko saja ker rab ne
palkon(eyebrows) pe(on) sitaron(stars) saja( decorated) ker(did) rab(god)

sari duniya se juda tujko bana kar rab ne
duniya(world) se(from) juda(separate) bana(made)
husn ka naam kitabon se mitaya hoga
husan (beauty) ka(of) naam(name) kitabon(books) se (from) mitaya( rubbed out)

female: jis gadhi mujhko mere rab ne banaya hoga
jis(when) gadhi(time) mujko(me) mere(mine) rab(God) ne(done) banaya(mae) hoga(done)
teri chahat ko mere dil me basaya hoga
teri(your) chahat (desire) ko (of) mere(my) dil(heart) me(in) basaya( seated)


In this song Bobby Deol goes to many different girls telling why each is not the one he is looking for.

Duniya Hasino ka Mela

Duniya hasino ka mela
Duniya (world) hasino( good looking girls) ka(of) mela ( fairground)
The world is like a fairground of good looking people

Mele mein yeh dil akela
Mele(fair) mein(in) yeh(this) dil(heart) akela(alone)
In this fair my heart is lonesome

Ik dost dundhta hoon mein dosti ke liye
Ik (one) dost(friend) doondhta(finding) ta hoon (doing) mein (I) dosti(friendship) ke(of) liye( do)
I am trying to find one girl to love...rpt

Yhan , whan ,idhr, udhr ,chehre hain kitne hasin
Yhan(here), whan(there) idhr (here) udhr(there) chehre(faces) hain (are) keetne ( how many) hasin(pretty)
Here and over there faces are exceedingly pretty

Magr jhan rooke nazar surat wo dekhi nahin
magr(but) jhan(there) rooke(stay) nazar(eye) surat(face) wo(that) dekhi(seen) nahin(not)
But I have not seen the one face where my eye wants to linger..rpt

Wo husan doondant hun mein ashqui ke liye
Wo(that) husan(beauty) doondta (searching) hun (doing) mein(I) ashqui ( love) ke liye(to do)
I am trying to find a beauty to love..rpt verse 1

Ada, nasha , nazar , badan , sab kuch tere pas hain
Ada( nature) nasha( drunkness) nazar( sight) badan(body) sab(all) kuch( of) tere(you) pas hai (have it)
You have the body , looks , gait and nature which can intoxicate

par to woh gata nahin jiski mujhe pyas hai
Par(but) tu (you) gata( shore-drink) nahin (not) jiski( of ) mujhe( I) pyas (thirst)
but you are not the one I am thirsting for !

Ik jaam dundta hun maikshi ke liye
ik(one) jaam (drink ) dundta( searching) hun (I am) maikashi( to get drunk) ke liye(to do)
I am searching for the one drink of love that can intoxicate me !.


I love India

Background :

The children try to impress Amish Puri an American guest by singing a song in English but he tells them he is an Indian at heart.

Hare Rama Hare Krishna Hare Hare
hail ...Rama.......... Krishna

sim sim pola pola , one flat two flat, minor major note , modulations ,roll ..we want to go to America
English musical terms

London dekha , Paris dekha, aur dekha Japan , Michael dekha , Elvis dekha
London I have seen(dekha), ............, and seen Japan , (Jackson)

sab dekha meri jaan , sare jag me kahin nahin hai dusra hindustan
all(sab) I have seen(dekha) my(meri) life(jaan) , whole world(jag) in anywhere(kahin) not(nahin) is a second(dusra) India
I have seen the whole world but not seen another like Hindustan.

Yeh duniya ik dulhen , yeh duniya ik dulhen, dulhen ki mathe ki bindiya
This(yeh) world(duniya) is like a bride(dulhen), rpt ....................., bride on forehead(mathe) like a bindi
This world is like a bride and India is like a bindi ( ornament on the forehead) on this bride.

yeh mera India , yeh mera India , I love my india , I love my India
This (yeh) my India ,,,(rpt by female singer)

Jab cheda malahar kisine , juhm ke sawan aya
When(jab) disturbed ? by anyone(kisine), swing(juhm) with rainy season(sawan) came
The water song brings the rainy season

aag laga di pani me jab deepak raag sunaya
Fire(aag) lit in(di) water(pani) when lamp(deepak) of song(raag) sung
When the song of lamps is sung fires appear to be lit in the water

sat suron ka sangam yeh jeevan geeton ki mala
seven(sat) musical keys( suron) of love(sangam) is life(jeevan) songs(geeton) of necklace(mala)
This life is tied together with love by the seven keys of music

hum apne baghwan ko bi kehte hain bansuri wala
we our god(bhagwan) to even(bi) call flute(bansuri) singer
We even our call our God ( Krishna) the flute singer

yeh mera India ., do re paso , pama ..( musical terms in English and Hindi)

peehoo , peehoo bole papiah , koyal koohoo koohoo gaya
peehoo cries the sparrow hawk(papiha), cukoo(koyal) koohoo sings

haste rote hum ne jeevan ke sab geet banaye
laughter(haste) crying(rote) we(hum) of life of all songs made(banaye)
We have here made songs of joys and sorrows of life

yeh sari duniya apne apne geeto gaye
This all(sari) world own(apne apne) songs sings
This world sings songs of its own regions

geet wo gao jis se is miti ki kushboo aaye
songs those(wo) sing that this(is) soil(miti) fragrance(kushboo) comes
You (children) should also sing the songs which come from this culture

.. I love my India , watan mera india , sajan mera india yeh duniya..rpt, country(watan) mine india , friend(sajan) my india
India is my mother country , it is my friend

Om namo shivaya
Om name of shiva
hail to God Shiva

I have seen London , Paris .... but not seen country to match the beauty of India. If the whole world is like a bride , then India is like a bindi( beauty ornament) on the forehead of this bride.
Life here is tied together in bonds of love by the seven keys of music.We even call our God the flute singer!
The magic of the water song brings on the rains and fires appear to get lit in water when the song of lamps is sung
Even the creatures of India like the sparrow hawk and cuckoo sing
We have made all kinds of songs -of the sorrow and joys of life. All the world's countries sing songs of their regions. you children too should sing songs which give the fragrance of India.


Tujhe Dekha

The following figure is from the web site above. If you want to learn Hindi go to Ukindia Hindi lessons. If you can read Hindi letters you can match the words with the translation below.

Ku= Kumar Sanu , L= Lata Mangeshkar

Ku:Tujhe Dekha to yeh jana sanam , pyar hota hai diwana sanam, tujhe dekha , tujhe.. rpt
Tujhe( you) dekha(see) to (then) yeh( this) jana( learnt) sanam (lover), pyar ( love) hota ( happening) hai(is) diwana( mad) sanam( lover)- this line repeated many times
Ab yhan se khan jaye ham , teri bahon me mar jaye hum
ab (now) yhan(here) se (to) khan ( where) jaye(go) hum(we) , teri(your) bahon (arms) me (in) mar(die) hum(we)
Seeing you my love , I realised that love was a madness,Now where shall I (royal we) go from here, better to die here in your arms

L: tuje..rpt

Chorus: Aa

L:ankhe meri , sapne tere; dil mera yaden teri
ankhe(eyes) meri(mine) sapne(dreams) tere(yours) , dil(heart) mera (mine) yaden( thoughts)teri (yours)
These eyes are mine but they dream of you , this heart is mine but it has thoughts of you

Ku:mera hai kya , sab kuch tera; jaan teri sanse teri
mera(mine) hai(is) kya(what?) ,sab (all) kuch (something) tera (yours) , jaan(life) teri (yours) sanse (breath) teri(yours)
What is mine ? Its all yours , my senses , my breathing (my life)

L:meri ankhon mein ansoo tere aah gaye , muskrane lage sare gam
meri(my) ankhon(eyes) mein(in) ansoo (tears) tere(yours) aah ( come) gaye( have) , muskrane ( smiles) lage( do) sare (all ) gum ( sorrows)
my eyes fill with your tears , all the sorrows have started smiling

yeh dil kahin lagta nahin, kya kahoon mein kya karoon
yeh(this) dil(heart) kahin( anywhere) lagta ( content) nahin(not) , kya( what ) kahoon(say) mein( I ) ky(what) karoon) do
This heart wont attach itself to anyone else , what shall I say , what can I do ?

Ku:han tu samne bethi rahe , main tuje dekha rahun
han (yes) tu (you) samne ( in front) bethi( sit) rahe( do) , main( I) tuje( you) dekha(see) karoon(do)
Yes , you should sit like this always in front of me , so I can keep looking at you.

L:tune awaz di , main aa gayi ; pyar se ha badi hai kya kasam?
tune(you) awaz ( voice) di (did) , main (I) aa (came) gayi( did) , pyar ( love) se (of) , badi (bigger) hai (is) kya( what) kasam( promise)
You called and I came , what is a bigger promise than love? Chorus: Aa

Seeing you I realised that love is madness . Where shall we go now , what can we do? Better to stay here and die in your arms . These eyes are mine but they dream of you , this heart is mine but it has thoughts of you . Nothing is mine , my eyes , life belongs to you. My eyes fill with your tears , my sorrows have started smiling . This heart wont go to anyone else , what shall I do ? Keep sitting in front of me , so that I can look at you forever. You called and I came running , what is a bigger attraction than love?

Ghar Aa Ja

Background :

Amish Puri is an emigrant Indian who has not been home for about 20 years. This song is sung by some women in his home state of Punjab asking him to come back. Its a beautiful chorus led by Manpreet Kaur

Koyal kooke kook uthaye , yadon ki bandook chalaye
bagon men jhoolo ke mosum wapas aaye re
ghar aa ja pardesi tera des bulaye reye ..ghar rpt, bagon rpt
Is gaon ki unpad mithi , pad sakti nahion teri chithi
ye mithi  tu aakr chume to is darti ka dil jume
mane teri hain kuch sapne , par ham to  hein tere apne
bhul ne wale hamko teri yaad satye re
Ghar aaja pardesi tera des bulaye  re..ghar rpt
pangat pe ayin mutyare, cham cham payal ki jhankare
kheto men lahrayen sarson , kal parso mein beete barson
aaj hi aaja ka ka  hasta , tere rasta  dekhe rasta
are choo choo gadi ki seeti awaz lagaye re
ghar ..rpt
hathon me pooja ki thali , aai raat suhago walin
chand ko dekho , hath men jodu , karvachoth ka vrat men todoo
tere hath se pi ker pani , dasi se ban jaoon rani
aaj ki rate jo mange koi , wo pao jaye re
Oh man mitra , Oh man meeta , weh tanu rab de hawale kita..chorus
dooniya ka dastoor hai kase , pagal dil majboor hai kese 
ab kya sunaye , ab kya  kehna , tere mere beech hi rehna 
khatam hui ye ankh macholi , kal jayegi meri dholi 
meri dholi meri arthi na ban jaye re ..ghar rpt 

koyal kooke kook uthaye , yado ki bandook chalaye 
bhagon ..rpt ghar ..rpt 
Oh mahi we , oh anchal weh , weh jindwa , oh sajana weh..
Koyal kooke kook uthaye , yadon ki bandook chalaye
cuckoo (koyal) kooke (sounds) uthaye( lifts-starts) , yadon (thoughts) ki(of) bandook (gun) chlaye( starts)
The cuckoo shouts kookoo , kooko and unleashes a torrent of thoughts like a gun setting off

bagon men jhoolo ke mosum wapas aaye re
bagon (gardens-fields) mein( in) jhoolo ( swings) ke (of ) mosum ( season) wapas( return) aaye(comes) re (does)
In the fields the season of swings returns

ghar aa ja pardesi tera des bulaye reye ..ghar rpt, bagon rpt
ghar ( house) aa ( come) ja (do) pardesi( foreigner -NRI) tera( your) des( country) bulaye( calling) reye( is)
Come home stranger your country is calling you back

Is gaon ki unpad mitti , pad sakti nahion teri chithi
Is ( this) gaon ( village) ki(of) unpad( illiterate) mitti ( soil) , pad( read) nahin ( cant) sakti ( do) teri(your) chithi( letter)

This illiterate ground cannot read your letters

ye mitti tu aakr chume to is darti ka dil jume
ye(this) tu( you) aakr( come) chume(kiss) to (then) is(this) darti( ground) ka( of) dil( heart) jume( sing)
Only when you come and kiss the soil again , will the heart of this nation sing

mane tere hain kuch sapne , par ham to hein tere apne mane( accepted) tere(your) hain( are) kuch( some) sapne( dreams) , par (but) ham (we) to ( so) hein(are) tere(your) apne(own)
Its true that you have dreams (of getting rich) , but we too are yours

bhul ne wale hamko teri yaad satye re
bhul(forgetful) ne( one) wale( of) hamko( to us) teri ( your) yaad ( memory) sataye( anguish) re( does)
You have forgotten us but your thoughts are always in our mind

Ghar aaja pardesi tera des bulaye re..ghar rpt
Come home stranger your country is calling for you.

pangat pe ayin mutyare, cham cham payal ki jhankare
pangat(well) pe(at) ayin(come) mutyare( women) , cham ( sound) payal( anklet) jhankare( sounds)
The noise of the anklets can be heard when the women come to fill the water

kheto men lahrayen sarson , kal parso mein beete barson
kheton( farms) mein(in) lahrayin ( swing) sarson ( mustard), kal( tomorrow) parso( day after) mien( of) beete( past) barso( years)
In the farms the mustard plans are starting to swing, by saying tomorrow , day after tomorrow you have made years go by

aaj hi aaja ka ka hasta , tera rasta dekhe rasta
aaj(today) hi(only) aaja( come) ka ka ( sounds) karta( does) hasta ( crow) , tera ( your) rasta( path) dekhe( sees) rasta( road)
Come today says the crow , even the roads long for your footsteps

are choo choo gadi ki seeti awaz lagaye re
are( you) choo ( steam) gadi(train) awaz( sound) seeti ( whistele) lagaye( does) re (you)
The steam train whistles

ghar ..rpt

hathon( hands) me(in) pooja(prayer) ki(of) thali( plate) , aai(comes) raat(night) suhagon( husbands) walin(of)
The women hold in their hands the plate with prayers for the long life of their husbands

chand ko dekho , hath men jodu , karvachoth ka vrat men todoo
chand( moon) ko( to) dekho( see) , hath( hands) men (I) jodu( join), karvachoth ( festival) ka( of ) vrat( fast) men( I) todoo ( break)
After seeing the moon I break my fast of Karvachoth

tere hath se pi ker pani , dasi se ban jaoon rani
tere( your) hath( hand) se ( from) pi (drink) ker(do) pani(water) , dasi(maid)se( from) ban( become) jaoon ( do) rani( queen)
Drinking water from your hand can make even a maid feel like a queen

aaj ki raat jo mange koi , wo pae jaye re
aaj ( today) raat(ngith) jo(whoever) mange(asks),wo (she) pae(gets) jaye(does) re (you)
Whatever one asks on this auspicious night you know she gets it


Oh man mitra , Oh man meeta , weh tanu rab de hawale kita..chorus
man( mind) mitra(friend) , oh meeta( lover) , weh (oh) tanu( you) rab ( god) de( of) hawale( given) kita(done)
Oh my friend, my lover I have asked God to protect you

dooniya ka dastoor hai kase , pagal dil majboor hai kese
dooniya( world) dastoor( custom) kae( how) , pagal( mad) dil(heart) majboor( compelled)
The world has customs but the mad heart feels compelled to call you

ab kya sunaye , ab kya kehna , tere mere beech hi rehna
ab(now) jya(what) sunaye( tell) , kehna( tell) , tere( you) mere(me)beech(in between) rehna( stay)
What more can I sing ? what more can I tell ? Let it remain a secret between us

khatam hui ye ankh macholi , kal jayegi meri dholi
khatam( end) hui( done) ye(this) ankh(eye) macholi( blind) , kal( tomorrow) aa (come) dholi( brides carriage)
Lets end this hide and seek , tomorrow I might be carried away as a bride
meri dholi meri arthi na ban jaye re ..ghar rpt
arthi( funeral pyre) na(not) ban( become)
Let not it turn into a funeral pyre ( if you delay that many years)

koyal kooke kook uthaye , yado ki bandook chalaye bhagon ..rpt ghar ..rpt

Oh mahi we , oh anchal weh , weh jindwa , oh sajana weh.
mahi( lover) , anchal(?) , jindwa( life partner) , sajna( friend)
Listen to me , my friend , my lover , my life partner

The cuckoo sings and unleashes a torrent of thoughts, come home stranger your country is calling for you. This illiterate ground cannot read your letters , only when you come and kiss it will its heart boom with joy. We know you are busy trying to make your dreams come true but we too are yours and have some rights on you. The mustard sways in the fields ready for harvest.The crow calls for you , the roads long to hear your footsteps . Come and see the women taking water from the wells , their anklets tinkling when they walk. The train steams and blows its whistle saying please come home. The women are breaking their fast , each one feels like a queen drinking from her husbands hand. Tomorrow I go as a bride , do not delay so long that you come home only for my funeral pyre !

Tu Cheez hai mast mast -from the film Mohra. This was apparently a copy of a tune by the legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and made him famous throughout the world. akshay is praising the beauty of Raveena. The dance choregraphy is one of the best in Indian cinema.

Akshay (male actor) : Tu cheez hai badi mast mast
Tu (you) cheeze (thing) hai (is ) badi( nig) mast ( enchanteress)
You are a wild girl

Nahin tujhe koi hosh hosh
Nahin( not) tujko(you have) koi(any) hosh( concious)
You are not concious of it

uspar joban ka hai josh josh
uspar(on top of it)joban( youth -yovan) ka(of) josh( enthusiasm)
On top of it is youth's exuberance

nahin tera koi dosh dosh
nahin(not) tera(yours) koi(any) dosh(fault)
Its not any fault of yours

Madhosh hai tu har waqt waqt
madhosh( happily drunk) hai(are) tu(you) har(ever) waqt (time)
You are drunk with happiness every time.

Raveena (female):

Aashiq hai tera nam nam
aashik(lover) hai(is) tera(your) nam( name)
You are a professional lover

Dil lena kam kam
dil(heart) lena(take) kam( work)
Your job is to take a girls heart

Meri bahen meri bahen mat tham tham
meri(my) bahen(arms) mat(dont) tham (grab)
Dont grab me by the arms

Badnam hai tu madmast mast
badnam(infamous) hai(are) tu(you) madmast (enchanter)
You are infamous as a philanderer

bol zara tu jane mahbubi , muj me aesi kya hai khubi
bol(speak) zara(little) tu(you) jane( life)mahboobi(desirer) , muj(in me) aesi( type) kya(what) hai(is) khubi( good thing)
Speak my wanter what is in me that you find so desirable ?

male : tu ik reshm ki dor dor , tu ik reshm ki dor dor
tu(you) ik(one) reshm(silk) ki(of) dor(thread)
You are like a silken thread

teri chal pe ashik mor mor
teri(your) chal(walk) pe(at) ashik (intended lovers) mor ( peacock - here mad)
The boys go mad with desire at your walk

teri zulf gani teri zulf gani chitchor chor
teri(your) zulf(hair) gani(dense) chitchor(heart stealer )
Your locks are dense , you heart stealer

gangor gata mad mast mast
gangor(?mystery) gata(mood) mad(?)
Your deep mysterious moods enchant

yeh dil teri ankhon may duba ban ja tu mehbooba
This heart has become engrossed in your eyes, become my lover
yeh-this , dil-heart , ankhon-eyes, may-in, duba-sunk, ban ja-become, tu-you, mehbooba-female lover

female: mat teer nazar ke mar mar
dont hit arrows with your eyes
mat-dont, teer-arrows, nazar-sight , ke-of , mar-shoot

yeh chot lage gi aar paar
It will hurt deeply
yeh-it, chot-wound, lage gi -hit , aar paar-here and there(touches her heart)

aasan smaj na ye paar yar , yeh pyar bada ha sakt sakt
Dont think love is esy , love is very painful
aasan-easy , smaj-understand , na-not, ye-this, pyaar-love , bada-very big , ha-is, sakt -hard

rpt of verses..