Esther's Indian Art


India was Esther?s Waterloo and she went armed with an agenda; to test her courage, engage her sights and senses in its art and culture and to explore her relationship with Spirit. All three objectives were beautifully met as she learnt to let go and allow her intuition to guide her, all the while painting her inner and outer journey.

She loosened up, let go, drawing with her left hand, drawing with both hands together, drawing on bumpy bus journeys. With this freedom to roam she soon discovered a technique of sketching random curved lines and then through them developed the emerging shapes that would synthesise an aspect of contemporary Indian life. Her watercolours were abstract collages of colour upon which she meditated until she saw a clear form and set to bring it to life with black indian ink. This was the prelude to a new way of laying down her pastel forms too ; a few free flowing strokes built upon with radiant colour and pattern.

She exhibited her work at the Trivandrum Art School and with those contacts was able to mount an important exhibition of watercolour and pastel work at the Shakti Gallery in Bombay. Returning to London 3 months later she then began her series of Indian god/goddess pots which she exhibited alongside drawings, and other more recent Indian pastel work in an innovative show at the Kingsgate Gallery. Draping the space with gold Indian fabrics, paper flower petals on the floor, great whirling rangoli patterns of pinks, purples and yellow, silk scarves wrapped around beams and pillars, music, candles, offerings and incense as she created an Indian Temple.?

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