Quaker International Centre, near Euston Station is one of the important venues in London where one can find peace and harmony by meeting people from all walks of life.

This month saw an international conference on Jagannath culture. It is a unique religious and spiritual way of life which was developed during the last thousands of years. Jagannath, means Lord of the Universe in Sanskrit lies in a special temple in the sacred city of Puri on the Bay of Bengal in India.

It is said that Jagannath is an incarnation of the Hindu God Vishnu and also of Buddha. He symbolises all the divine energies of the world Universal brotherhood, friendship and compassion, religious tolerance, humanism and peace.

This month saw the rare opportunity to meet and discuss the message, meaning and relevance of Jagannath in our rapidly dividing world and ourfragmented lives. Devotees and practitioners of this religous form fromIndia, SriLanka and Britain are taking part in this rare conference.

The details of the conference can be obtained from the venue: Quaker International Centre, William Penn House, 1 Byng Place, London WC1. Tel: 0171 387 5684.