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Russian is the national language of the largest country in the world. It is also a permanent language of the United Nations . Russians were pioneers in human kind's journey into space and many other scientific fields. . Russian has 33 letters and the small and capital letters look the same .

Corrections with the help of Tatyana. See if you can read the name of a famous city.

The answer is Moskva , as the Russians call Moscow. Note that C is pronounced as S and B as V. Now that you know what is V , can you read what this famous drink is ?

VODKA . Note what D looks like . Here is somebody most people wish they didnt have to go to

DOCTOR. Note that P is pronounced as R . What is this famous Russian airline ?

AEROFLOT . Note the shape of the E , F and L .

This is where you might have a picnic.

PARK . P is easy to remeber because it looks like pi the mathematical symbol. This is where you might go for a drink .

BAR . The letter B is the only symbol that is written slightly differently in small letter. For example the next is a very popular game.

FOOTBOL . Not the small B and that Y in Russian has the sound oo.

This is what one would call a traveller .

TOORIST. Note how the i is written as a sort of N with the slanting line the other way round.Who is this famous Russian ?

LENIN. The H sounds like N in Russian . Now that you know N have a guess what this says


This is a Russian Grandmother

BABOO-SH-KA . Note the symbol for SH as in SHoe . Here the word is written again with the capitals . Note B is slightly different

The next is a combined sound made of SH followed by a CH (as in CHina) . Can you identify this famous soup .

BOR-SHCH and written in capitals.

The next fierce looking letter is ZH pronounced as in pleaSUre .

ZH-E-N -A-T means married .Its like a K joined to its mirror image.

The next image has the Russian word for tea.

It is spelt CH-A-Y as in Indian tea . The next word has the letter for G . It was the name of a city now called St Petersburg.


Note that Russian G looks like a T with the left arm clipped off.

Now the aw sound as in hello . This is the Russian word for hello in small and capital letters.

The Russian Z looks like a reversed 3 . The following word reads zoo.

KH as in KHAN is written as X

The Russian Ya is like a reversed R. The following word spells YARD in English .

The Russian for son is pronounced as sin and the i is written as a b and i together

The EH sound is also like 3 reversed. This word ETO means that.

Next is like the small b which is a y sound added to the preceding sound eg this is PYTY -five

Using the bi word for i we could write its in Russian as follows. The ts sound is represented by the following letter.

The last letter is rare and used to signify a silent gap . For example the following word sounds like - ob...yv

Finally here are all the letters with the nearest English equivalent written in a small letter.


"Russian has 33 words and the small and capital letters look the same ."

1. Russian has 33 letters, not words.

2. I understand that you are trying to say that capital and lower case letters look the same. It's partially true. Letters for Russian "A" and "a"; "B" and "b", as well as "E" and "e" are different. In script (curvy handwriting) the difference between caps and lower case letter will be even more noticeable.

3. The Russian word for hello I'd transcribe as "all'yo" - "L" in this case is very soft. Russian letter "yo" (E with two dots) makes the consonant very soft; you can call it a softener.

4. The Russian word for son is not pronounced as 'sin', although it is very close. b| is much harder than 'i' in 'sin' or 'ill'. To be honest, I have no idea how to properly transcribe that sound. Just want you to be aware of it.

5. "its" will not be spelled in Russian as you spelled it. It's kind of difficult to explain but if you ask a Russian to sound it for you, you'll feel the difference. The thing is that Russian has letters T and S and won't use 'ts' (the pi upside down letter) as a substitute.

I hope this helps!
Best wishes and regards,
Gennadiy Belotserkovskiy