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The Hindi lyrics for the songs below from Anant Mathur's new Hindi Lyrics

Repeating verses are ommited.


In the Indian version the girl actually comes and teases each man in turn . Its not really vulgar as the girls in this movie wear the salwar and a very long dress on top . Tum to ho pardesi ( You are strangers)

Dancing girl : Bhala ( Why ? ) should I remove the ghoongat ( veil) from my mukhra ( face) , why should I remove the parda ( curtain) from my anchal ( ? shoulders) ?

Why should I lose my heart ? Why should I waste my jaan ( liver) over diljale ( jealous hearted , heartbroken) dhagaabaz ( double crossers) like you ?

47 Tum ( you) are pardesi ( strangers , foreigners) parvane ( moths ) that come here when the shaam ( evening) dhal ( descends) , that are kinchte ( pulled) chale ( walking) here

This is a 'rein basera' ( house of dancing girls ) , you spend the raat ( night) here , morning comes and you return home,

49 Koi ( some of you ) are nirmohi ( two faced) , koi bedardi ( heartless) koi rasiya ( fond of drink) koi matwala ( infatuated with me) . All of you daulatwale ( moneyed , wealthy ) but none dilwala ( true to heart).

You breathe ( dam) of 'sacha pyaar' ( true love) , make false kasme ( vows) of love . but when morning comes you return home .

Bin ( Without) phoolon ( flowers) , without rangon ( colors) , without kushboo ( fragrance ) 'mein hun ' ( I am) ik ( one ) dalee ( stem) , kitne ( how many !) ashiq ( desirers) lekin ( but ) mera ( my) daman ( lap) is Khali( empty) of love .

You in the erotic tension of the night fritter away your heart and your life .

The DVD very usefully has chapter stops at the songs only so it is easy to get to them by pressing ch forward instead of going through the song menu.

It also has the repeat function and time display so it is a little easier to put it into a loop to do the following translation .

The follwoing comedy song where Shakti Kapoor has been wed for a few months but cant manage to be alone with his wife because she has brought her three sisters and four brothers along in the dowry and they sleep in the same room. This song is danced by the man -m , his wife Shabo f ,and the children -ch . Print it out while watching the DVD .

The song has tunes from famous movies but the lyrics have been tortured ! . Some of the tunes I couldnt identify so I am marking them unknown ( Un) and if others know what they are please say . All these translations should be saved on web sites .

Film Sangam -Bol Rada sangam hoga ke nahin ? - Say Rada will love happen or not ?

m- Tere behna aur bhai , lagte hain muje kasai Ye prem ki bati jalne denge ke nahin ? , are bol Shabo bol sangam hoga ke nahin ?

Your brothers and sisters , seem like butchers to me This lamp of love will they ever let it be lit ? , oh speak Shabo speak , will love happen or not ?

ch - nahin , kabi nahi ! no , never ever !

Un film

f- teen mere behne i aur chaar meri bhai , satton hain meri amma abba ki kamai

Three my sisters , four my brothers , all seven are my mother and fathers earnings ( wealth)

Ch- karenge teri dulai - we will ( to the m) beat you like the dhobi ( cleaner) does

Un film m- kaise padu mein pyaar ka pahada ? , kar dia hai mera kabada How can I read the multiplication table of love ? they have made me lame

Film Mrityudatta -Dahler Mehndi - Na, na , na re na re

m,f - socha tha shaadi kar ke ash karenge , pyaar wala cheque kash karenge

We thought having got married we would have fun , the cheque of lovemaking we will cash

ch- na, na , nare nare - no, no ,noway , noway

Film Machis -chapa chapa

m- bacha bacha zahar lage , laee hain dehaj mein inhe chahe tu bapu ke ghar se

Child , each child seems like poison , even if you have brought them in dowry (dehaj) .

Film 1942 - ik ladki ko dekha - seeing one beautiful girl

m-ho in sasuron ko dekho to aisa laga jaisa kanto ke jahad , jaise zahar ke pahad , jaise dengue bukhar , jaise bichu ke haar , jaise Ravan ke roop. jaise neem ke soup , jaise dushman ne di hua badua

Seeing these scoundrels it seems like a bush of thorns, like mountains of posion ( zahar) , like dengue fever , like scorpion garlands , like forms of demon Ravan , like bitter neem soup , like as if an enemy has put curses ( badua)

ch - tuje pitne ko dil karta hai , we feel like beating you up .

Film Unknown -

m- saat ullon pade pade , ghooren hum ko khade khade seven owls lying here , stare at us standing

f-sach kehti hun sunlo abi , gadenge tambu yahin sabi I speak the truth ( sach) , they are all going to set up their tent ( tambu) here .

Unknown film

m- raat bar mooan milne na de , ankhe dikhai badi badi All night these mice wont let us meet , showing us their big eyes

Film Raja Hindustani - Pardesi , Pardesi

m -khambakto , khambakto phooto kahin , khele kabadi armano dil ke , aao gusedoon tumhe sanpon ke bil me

No good ones , get lost , you play around with our hearts desire , let me push you into the dens of the snakes (sanpon)

Fil Khalnayak -Choli ke peeche ? Behind the blouse ?

m- khatiya ke neeche kya hai ?, parde ke peche kya hai ? What is underneath the bed , what is behind the curtain ( parda) ?

f- khatiya ke neeche bhai , parde ke peeche behna , ye meri ankh ke tare , yeh mere ghar ka gehna

Brothers underneath the bed , sisters behind the curtain , the stars of my eyes , the jewellery ( gehna) of my house

m- hai o raba mein kya karun ,khaan maroo ?

Oh my God what shall I do , where shall I go to die ?

Film Border -Sandese aate hain -Messages come from home At this time m and f have locked themselves in a room and one of the younger sisters is pleading with them to open the door s ch- o didi bolon na , ke kundi kholon na , ke Babloo rota hai , ke tu nahin sota hai , ke Chintki ladti hai , mujhe tang karti hai , ke Chutki darti hai , ke dekho Chintku ko khanis aati hai , ke didi bolo na

O elder sister (didi) speak please , open the lock please , that Babloo is crying , another brother is not sleeping , that Chintki is fighting , tormenting me , that Chutki is scared and see Chintku is coughing away , O sister please speak to me , please open the door .

LOL! Non-South Asians can finally appreciate the humour of these parodies for themselves now. What is especially striking is that the parody lyric completely opposes the meaning of the original, to great comic effect!

IMO, Mehndi has some excellent songs. As a fan of the playback artiste Kavita Krishnamurthi, I would strongly recommend Tum to pardesi.

The second song in the parody is based on La Macarena, an international hit of (I think) 1996, which "inspired" two songs by Anu Malik. One of these was Dil Maaka Dina, in the film Dhaal. If memory serves, that film was notable for being held up at the censors for a whole year, before being released, and promptly disappearing without trace!

Cheers, -- Richard Turner

Dil Se

Chaiya chaiya is on another page .

South Asians watching Bollywood movies do not of course understand all of the words of the songs as the languages used in them include Hindi /Urdu , Punjabi , Persian , Arabic , Sanskrit and increasingly South Indian and others Dil Se has a lot of Persian words and it wouldnt be surprising if an Urdu /Persian scholar reading this thread got really provoked into putting in a proper translation for these songs ! The Dil Se Platinum DVD has English subtitles but not of the songs ( the distributors do not seem to want to get to the 250m American market ) . Sound quality is perfect Dolby 5.1 but picture quality I think of Superdigital DVDs is much superior. Why this false pride between Superdigital and DEI ? Maybe if they could exchange the algorithms they could each get sound and picture perfect - and sell millions more - still waiting for a DVD with the picture perfection of Superdigital and sound perfection of DEI. One annoying thing about the Dil Se DVD is that there are no time markers so one has to mark the time below by describing Manisha's dress color . Luckily in most songs the women change dresses about 10 times as it is more of a fashion parade and excellent advertisment for the dress designers - named in the title credits . Satrangi Re ( Seven colored one - full colors of the rainbow ) beautifully filmed in Ladakh . Manisha repeats only the one couplet by the Urdu poet Galib - Ishq ( love) is that firecracker which can not be lit , Galib, even if willed and cannot be switched off when wanted. Satrangi Re Manisha in black SRK: Satrangi re ( oh seven colored one) , tu (you) only you are the satrangi , you only you are manrangi( mindcolor) . Dil (heart) ka saya (shadow) , mind shadow , you are a noor ( beauty) , why are you so door (far) , when you are paas(near) , I can ahsaas (feel) you , are you a khwab (dream) or a shadow (parchai) ? manisha in white SRK: tell me when this mighty hawa (storm , wind) will stop? M: Ishq cannot be controlled (forced , zor) , Galib , it is that aatish (firecracker) which cannot be lit even when willed , and put out when one wants to . manisha in red SRK : your eyes touched(chooa) me , a lightness ( halka , halka) came over me , the heart felt oonce ( ?) , that you are the one who is the Khushboo ( fragarance) of (my) life , you are my arzoo ( destination , hope) . manisha in yellow SRK : when your jism( body) touches ( mine) , my saans ( breathing starts sulghate ( ? glowing embers ) , my ishq (love) gives me dilaasa ( comforts) , my dards ( hurts) start lifting . rpt of opening verses manisha in dark green indoors SRK - you only you , are the fragrance of my life , my arzoo , you touch me with sargosh( ?) of the eyes , a mixed silence ( khamoshi) On the farsh ( floor) I do sajade ( prayers) , some while in hosh ( wits about me) and some behosh ( unconcious , befuddled) rpt of opening verses manisha in white in the nets SRK : In your paths ( rahon) I have become entangled . in your bahon ( arms) I have become ulja (entangled ) let me try and gather my wits , in your chahon (desires) I have become entangled Manisha in purple on the plain SRK: My living is junoon ( ?) , my dying is junoon , 'is ke siva' ( apart from this ) there is no other skoon ( peace) . Bade Mian chote Mian
Excellent print on DVD - Kisi disko mein jaye

Govinda (male) - Lets go to some disco , lets go and eat at a hotel
Somebody might see us here , lets go for a walk around and come back
Lets romance , my love

Raveena -female -rpt

Govinda - My Ram Kali (? true love) its true that I love you with all my heart
But its also true I fear your brother .

Raveena- stop this dread and come to me , lest we die thirsting to meet each other

Govinda - Somebody might see us lets go for walk round .

Raveena-lets romance , my love

Raveena -Its not easy to be in love here , those mad in love dont get a moment's rest .

Govinda - I am the only one here and you are the only one here , there is nobody else , to be in each other's arms , we have the oppurtunity here .

Raveena -Somebody might see us . lets go for a walk around

Din tak din

Female- It had to happen one day , love had to happen and the heart is now lost in love

Female-Its the season of naughtiness , I am in a naughty mood , when will you get an oppurtunity like this ? I am swaying a bit and you are hot too , kiss my lips , my life

Male -why do you follow me round like a shadow , I heard the last one didnt come back , the one who ventured in such streets.

Female -heart lost in love .

Male -it had to happen one day .

Female- Whats this yearning ? , whats this intoxication ? mad man what do you know about it ? This distance I dont like , come near me

Male -Dont talk to me of this ,you are not feeling well , what has happened to you ?

Female - My heart is lost in love

Male - It had to happen one day , where I have become entrapped ?

The next song has two men after Madhuri .

Makhana ( Butter one- very pretty outstanding one)

Male - Taste a bit of the nectar of my love oh butter one , now dont steal your eyes away

We are wounded by your love , wounded by the desire for your love , dont leave us and go away

Female ( Madhuri) - I dont want to taste the nectar of your love , keep your heart to yourself

I am a remarkable woman , you wont be able to get your hands on me , teach that to your wounded heart

Female - get away from me, mad man , dont trouble me , I am going to go on tormenting you but never come in your arms , I wont even walk with you

Males - Dont pretend , start writing the story of my love life , let me kiss you , come close to me .

Female - I am a spark , a pretty girl , dont grab me like this , you wont get me with tactics like that , I have seen and met many like you , dont think so much of yourself

Male - No-one will want you as much as I do , beauty come wrap your arms round my neck

Chama Chama from Chinagate .

Chorus of dancing girls : Just watching watching-(in twinkling of an eye ) , our hearts went to pieces
Some foreigners stole them and have flown away .

Dekha dekhi dil choor ho gaya , kuch pardesi (strnagers) choora ke ud gaye

Urmilla : Chama chama sounds my banderia (? golden bangles)
I am coming to you , merge in your breath(senses) , take your sleep away , my prince (Raja).

Chorus :Just watching ..

Urmilla : This my skirt , is expensive , dont lay a hand on it !.

Young male : I will give you a bungalow , a car , come with me oh passionately mad woman !.

Urmilla : I am young , I am fearful , dont double cross me .
I can move (earthquake) UP , I can move MP when I sway my hips.

Amrish : On your sway I will bet Mumbai , Patna and lose Calcutta.

Urmilla : My slim waist , my glancing eyes , my raging passionate youth .. I am coming to you !!..

Major Saab - many thanks to Anand Mathur for permission for these lyrics , link to his site above. The words are quite difficult so if you spot mistakes do write to Uk-India

Sona Sona -Golden golden

Jaspinder : While running my hair has flown open , please sister in law knot it for me
I have just turned sweet sixteen , sister in law please knot my hair

Chorus : Her black scarf has got entangled with the door knob
The younger brother in law has quarelled with his sister in law

She doesnt want to go to her in laws , the mother in law mutters rude things
Go with her even if she is talking nonsense

Jaspinder: Mere Nach Wich Khul Gayee Baal Bhabhi Meri Gut Kar De
Mainu Chadaiya Solwaan Saal Bhabhi Meri Gut Kar De

Chorus: Kaala Dooriya Kunde Nal Adiyae, Oye
Ke Chota Devara Bhabhi Nal Ladiyaei Oye
Chukdi O Laidi Jao Kud Kud Kardi Aye
Sorey Nai Jana Saas Bud Bud Kardi Hai

Sonu: One Punjabi woman , girl Punjabi , she has stolen my heart , my golden heart

Sonu: Ek Punjaban Kudi Panjaban Hai, Ek Punjaban Dil Chura Ke Lai Gayee Hai, Sona Sona Hai, Dil Mera Sona

Chorus:Heart is golden

Chorus: Sona Sona Dil Mera Sona

Sonu: The girl with black liner , she looked me in the eye and stole my golden heart

Sonu: Surme Wale Nain Laga Ke Lai Gayee

? meaning of verses below

Jaspinder: O Thala Veri Tu Rai Ho Abh Tainu Mahi Da
Tu Rai Ke Jana Pehle Tu Re Ho Jana Pehle Tu Rai Ve Kar Sur Chalya Rai Ya Ve Tanu Dehri, Laiyoo

Sudesh (second male-Amitabh): You are very fair but you do look Punjabi !

Sudhesh: Gora Gora Rang Hai Tera Yoon Lagdi Punjabi

Give me the key to your beautiful form

Sudhesh: Mere Hawale Kar De Ni Kudiye Roop Nagar Di Chabi

Chorus: This form remarkable

Sudhesh: Ye Roop Anokha

Yes that is true

Chorus: Hai Shabba

Your fraq

rant smell Sudhesh: Khushboo Da Jhonka

By the ring in your nose

Sudhesh: Tere Nak Da Thoka I have become enamoured

Sudhesh: Main Ho Gaya Dhoka

Just by creating a noise with her bangles she has stolen my heart Sudhesh: Poorkh Choodiyoon Ko Khanka Ke Lai Gayee Hai, Sona Sona Hai, Dil Mera Sona

Chorus: Sona Sona Dil Mera Sona

? Meaning of verses below

Jaspinder: Chala Na Na Phede De Puttar Mithe
Mere Hoi Allah Sab Nu De Re Ni Gal Sun Chalya
Do La Se Sukada, Allah...

Speak to me some thing spicy some sweet

Sudhesh: Jo Da Gal A Kar Le Bal Ye Kuch Khati Kuch Meethi Seeing you sway when you walk I had to whistle

Sudhesh: Dekh Ke Teri Chaal Dheeli Baj Gayee Meri Seeti

Your intoxication is different

Sudhesh: Tera Nasha Nirala What have you done to me ?

Sudhesh: O Tune Kya Kar Dala ?

This goblet of love.

Sudhesh: Ye Ishq Da Pyala

That I am about to drink

Main Pe Ne Wala

Your lips inviting have stolen my heart

Sudhesh: Hoton Ki Masti Chalka Ke Rehgayee Hai, Sona Sona Dil Mera Sona

The one with the black eyeliner by making eye contact has stolen my heart golden.

Sudhesh: Surme Waale Nain Lada Ke Lai Gayee Oye, Sona Sona Are, Dil Mera Sona

Taken from Anant Mathur's web site with kind permission .

Song: Ab Tere Dil

Film: Aarzoo Starring: Madhuri Dixit, Akshay Kumar, Saif Ali Khan

Director: Lawrence D'Souza Producer: Vikas Mohan Music: Anu Malik Lyrics: Anand Bakshi Singers: Alka Yagnik & Kumar Sanu Lyrics Contributed By: Raz Jessa

Boy:Now that I have come in your heart .
Boy: Ab tere dil mein hum aagaye

Girl:So ?
Girl: To ?

Boy:I will stay in your heart .
Boy: Tere dil mein rahenge

Girl: To ?

Boy : i will call you mine.
Boy: Tujhe apna kahenge

Girl : Liar !
Girl: Jho~otha

Chorus: a-a a-a

I swear I am yours , listen to what I am saying , I am not telling fibs.
Boy: Kassam ki kassam hum tere hai hum Baat meri maan, jhoothe nahin hum

Girl: A heart , this is my heart
Girl: Dil hai dil, dil dil hai ye mera

Boy : So ? Boy: To ?

Chorus: To ? (4)

Girl: Its not your home ! Girl: Tera ghar ye nahin hai

Boy: To ?

Chorus: To? (4)

Girl: There is no empty space ! (for you ).
Girl: Jagaa khaali nahin hai

Boy: Liar !
Boy: Jhoothi !

Chorus: A-a ah

rpt of above

Boy: If you say so , I will write your name for 1000s of my lives , lay my hearbeat where you my life puts down her feet
Agar tun kahe to, tere naam likhdun (2) Mein apne hazaaron janam Wahan apni dharkan bichaadoun, jahan tun Meri jaane rakhe kadam

Girl : If your heart is beating (fast) . let it do so , what can my heart do about it . Your heart is wounded , mad with love and if its dying for me let it do so .
Girl: Teri dharkane hai, dharkti hai dharke (2) Dil is mein mera, kya kare Tera dil hai gayal deewana hai pagal Jo marta hai mujhpe mare

Boy: If I dont get you , I will die
Boy: Tun na mili, marjaaounga sanam

Girl : So ?
Girl: To ?

Boy : My life will go
Boy: Jaane jayegi meri

Girl: To ? Chorus: To ? (4)

Boy: You are my life .
Boy: Zindagi tun hai meri

Girl: Liar !
Girl: Ju~uthaa !

The mehndi decorating your hands , the black liner in your eyes, why does it drive me mad ? My only wish is that I go on seeing you all my life.
Boy: Yeh haathon ki mahendi, yeh ankhon ka kaajal (2) Deewana kare kyun hamein ? Yehi arzoo hai ke ab zindagi bhar, tujhe dekh te hi rahen

Girl: This dot on my forehead , the mehndi , eyeliner , scarf, they were not for you ! you are mad . a fool go away !
Girl: Yeh bindiya yeh mehendi, yeh kaajal ye anchal (2) Tere vaste to nahin Tun deewana pagal hai, thorda anari hai Ja ja re ja tun kahin

Boy: In my heart is a picture.
Boy: Dil mein teri tasveer hai

Girl: To ? Chorus: To (4)

Boy: I will worship you.
Boy: Teri pooja karenge

Girl: To ? Chorus: To (4)

Boy: Will always look at you (only) .
Boy: Ha tujhe dekha karenge

Girl: Liar !
Girl: Ju~uthaa Chorus: ah aa aa

Boy: I wanted you , want you , will always want you, your heart is a home for me and I will keep going and coming there
Boy: Tujhe chahate the, tujhe chahaaten hein (2) Tujhe chahate hi rahenge Dil jo hai tera, sanam ghar hai mera Yahan aate jaate rahenge

Girl: This string of love , has been tied to you , will always remain tied to you , it started with you and will end with you , the story of my heart .
Girl: Yeh bandhan ki dori, bandhi hai tumhise (2) Tumhise yeh bandhi rahegi Tumise shurun hai, yehi khatm hogi Dil ki kahani meri 2

We have come in each others heart .
Ek dujhe ke dil mein aagaye, hum Chorus: Hum (4)

Girl : Now that we have come together ,let us never separate.
Girl: Ek ja~ab ho gaye, hum Ch Hum (4) Kabhie hum na hon juda

Chorus: Even when the mountains wither away , the oceans dry up , you wont be able to forget me , I wont be able to forget you , dont go , this is the name of the eternal wish.
Parbat urd jaayenge Saagar sukh jayenge Tum humko bhul na paaoge Hum tumko bhul na paayenge Mat jaana (2) issi ka na naam hai Arzoo (7 times)