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This song excerpt is in the movie East is East

Chaudvin ka chand - The moon of the 14th

chaudavii.n kaa chaa.nd ho, yaa aafataab ho
Are you the full moon or the sun?

jo bhii ho tum khudaa ki qasam, laajavaab ho
Whatever you are, I swear, you are matchless.

zulfe.n hai.n jaise kaa.Ndhe pe baadal jhuke hue
Locks of your hair, fall like clouds over your shoulders.

aa.Nkhe.n hai.n jaise may ke payaale bhare hue
Eyes like full cups of wine.

mastii hai jisame pyaar kii tum, vo sharaab ho
You are the liquor which .with intoxicated with love.

cheharaa hai jaise jhiil me khilataa huaa ka.nval
Face like a lotus blooming in the lake

yaa zi.ndagii ke saaj pe chhe.Dii huii gazal
Or a song played on the musical instrument of life.

jaane bahaar tum kisii shaayar kaa Kvaab ho
O life of spring, you are a poet's dream.

chaudavii.n kaa ...

hoTho.n pe khelatii hai.n tabassum kii bijaliyaa.N
Lightenings of your smile play on your lips.

sazade tumhaarii raah me.n karatii hai.n kaikashaa.n
Rainbows bow before you on the roads.

duniyaa-e-husn-o-ishq kaa tum hii shabaab ho
You are the glamour of the world of beauty and love.

chaudavii.n kaa ...

Note: Chaudavii.n is the Chaturdashi (Chaudas), just before the full moon.When I first learned the meaning of the word aaftaab (sun), I thought it sounded unusual. The poet evidently is referring to the radiance of her face.
In the line: sazade tumhaarii raah me.n karatii hai.n kaikashaa.n
I now think kaikashaa.n means something else. Assuming both parts of it are farsi, kai may refer to the four legendary Persian Kings (who are called Kai) and kashaa.n can mean those who draw. Can anyone suggest what it means?.Yashwant


Kariye Na, Kariye Na
Dont do it , dont do it

Koi Vaada Kisi Se Kariye Na
Dont make a promise with somebody

Kariye Kariye, Hoo, Kariye Kariye
And if you do make a promise

To Vaada Phir Todiye Na
Then dont break it

Haath Kisi Ka, Pakadiye Na
Dont hold somebody's hand

Pakadiye To Phir, Chodiye Na
If you do , then dont let it go


Mainu Khich Paindiyee
I feela tug
Seene Wich Paindiyee
I feel it in the chest (heart)

O Mainu Kuch Ho Gaya
Something has happened to me

Duniya Kaindiyee
the world says so

male O, Is Kuch Ka Naam Jawani Hai
That something is called youth

Ye Umr Badi Deewani Hai
This time is a time of madness

Sachhe Sabh Sapne Lagte Hain
All dreams appear to be true

Baigaane Apne Lagte Hain
Foreigners seem to belong to us

Apnoo Se Muh Modiye Na
Dont turn your face away from people who like you

Sapnoo Ke Peeche dodiye Na
Dont run after dreams

Anna Badla De Naal
With the clouds

Anna Badla De Naal Ve Jud Jaawa
With the clouds I want to join

Bandh Jaawa Patang Pe
become a kite

O, Bandh Jaawa Patang Pe Ud Jaawa
and fly away

Koi Pardesi Aavega
A stranger will come

Teri Doli Lejaavega
and take you doli away-make you a bride

Main Saari Rasmein Todungi
I will break all customs

Babul Ka Ghar Nahin Chodungi
but wont leave my house ( ? father's)

Taqdeeron Ka Muh Kholiye Na
Dont tempt fate (open the mouth of fate)

Chup Rahiyee Bas Kuch Boliye Na
stay quiet and dont speak

Ramta Jogi

Naa Jaane Dil Wich Ki Aaya
dont know what suddenly came in my heart

Ek Prem Payala Pee Aaya
i went and drank the cup of love

Main Jee Aaaya Main Jee Aaya
i have lived it , i have lived it

Main Prem Payala Pee Aaya
i have drunk the cup of love

Ek Pal Mein Sadiyaan Jee Aaya
in an instant i have lived centuries

Saari Madhushala Pee Aaya
drunk the sweet nectar

Tu Prem Da Pyala Pee Aaya
you drunk the cup of live

Ae Tere Dil Wich Pee Aaya
what came in your heart ?

Ye Jog Liya Kis Kaaran
why did you take this course ( ?vow )

Ye Rog Liya Kis Kaaran
why did you take this illness (of love)

O, Ek Jogande Ki Basti Mein
in this village of singers

Ek Mauj Uthi To Masti Mein
there was a madness , naughtiness

O, Man Mein Lagan Ye Jaagi, Jag Choota
in my heart this thing came , left the world

Hoye Hoye, Jag Choota Jiya Main Raagi
and i became a singer

Ye Baat Wahan Tak Na Paunhchi
this thing didnt go so far ( talk)

Ye Choat Jiya Tak Na Laagi
this hurt didnt reach the heart

O O, Ye Dard Zuban Tak Na Aaya
this hurt didnt come to the lips

Ye Tere Dil Wich Ki Aaya
what is this that has happened in your heart

O O, Saari Madhushala Pee Aaya
drunk all the sweet nectar

Here's one of my all time favourite! Translated with: Mera bahut acha dost, Renukha.

La la la la laaaaa

tu tu hai vohee dil ne jise apana kahaa
You, you are the one my heart tells me about

tu hai jahaa, main huu vahaa
Wherever you go I will be there

ab to ye jiinaa tere bin hai sazaa
Living without you is like a punishment

ho mil jaaye is tarah, do lahare jis tarah
The way we met, was just like two waves

phir ho naa judaa haa, ye vaadaa rahaa
Nothing will ever separate us, I promise you

mai aavaaz ho to tuu hai geet meraa
If I am a voice, then you are my song

jahaa se niraalaa, mann meet meraa
From wherever, you connect to the lyrics of my mind

ho mil jaaye is tarah

Kisii modh pe bhi naa ye saath chutte
Under no circumstances will we ever be separated

Mere haath se tera daaman na chutte
My hand is yours, don't leave my shoulders

kabhi khvaab mai bhi tu mujhse na ruthe
Don't ever get angry at me in your dreams

mere pyaar ke koi khushiyaa na loote
No one shall take away the happiness of love from me

ho mil jaaye is tarah .

.. tujhe mai jahaa kii nazar se churaa luu
I will never loose sight of you, wherever you are

kahii dil ne mann bhii tujhako chupaalu
Whatever my heart says, my mind will keep quiet

kabhi zindagii mein bade mushkile to
Whenever major problems occur in our lives

mujhe tu sambhaale tujhe mai sambhalu
I will take care of you, you will take care of me

ho mil jaaen is tarah..Darshan

Darshan at writes

Hi...This is a site I visit very often, looking for new song translation. I only know a little of hindi, but I am learning and I practice by translating songs.

Please make any necessary correction.

Ye Silsila Hai Pyaar ka

kaise kahoo ke dil ko teri
How can I explain my heart's feelings for you

josht jo nahee
and show no excitement

Ye aur baat(path/course) hai ke meri kismat (luck) me tu nahee
I cannot take that path without being lucky.

Yeh Silsila Hai Pyaar Ka
This is an arrangement of love

Yeh Chalta Rahega...
which will continuously flourish

Yeh Silsila Hai Pyaar Ka Yeh Chalta Rahega Yeh Silsila Hai Pyaar Ka Yeh Chalta Rahega

Tujhe Dekh Ke
when looking at you

Dil Machalta Rahega
Love flourishes within my heart.

Tujhe Dekh Ke Dil Machalta Rahega
Yeh Silsila Hai Pyaar Ka.

Shayad Hawa Na Chalegi
perhaps the wind will stop

Phoolon Mein Bhi Khushboo Na Hogi
Or the flowers wouldn't have any fragrance

Tujhe Chaahoongi Main
But I want you

Tujhe Paaoongi Main
I will follow your path

Ye Meri Tamanna
This is my Destiny/aspiration/longing

Tujhe Nahi Pataa
which I haven't told you about

Yeh Silsila Hai Pyaar Ka.

Kya Hai Mohabbat Ka Jaadu
what is the magic of love

Hoti Hai Kya Beqarari
That is causing such restlessness/uneasiness

Ye Abh Jaana Maine
this I need to know

Ye Abh Samjha Maine.
this i need to understand

Kahin Chain (uneasy/restless) Aaye Na abh Tere Bina
About this restlessness and uneasiness that arrives when with you.

Yeh Silsila Hai Pyaar Ka ......... -Darshan

Music box vol 2 Here are the lyrics of the last number 22 song translated . Its the same song in the film Satya -kind of a traditional wedding song where the girls from the bride's side mock the groom's male friends .

She meets me in dreams , o this girl of mine
All day she is timid and wears a veil and only blossoms when I look at
He meets me in dreams , o this boy of mine
All day he follows me around like a rickshaw driver with an empty
-pushes him down the steps where he falls and has to do the Bhangra on
his back-
She is fair and she is hot tempered and she is tanned (? blushes)
whenever she meets me
He is tall and he is broad chested and you can see him from far -this
boy of mine
He is strong and I caught him in the jungle and now he shows his horns
(like a bull) -the women charge the men

She is well built , she sways like a curved line , walks with an


Sapno me milti hai , O kudi meri sapno me ati hai
Sara din band gungte me pudiya si akhiyon mein khiliti hai

Sapno mein ata hai , o munda mera sapno me ata hai
Sara din sadko pein khali rikshe se peechhe peeche chalta hai 
pushes him down the steps and he falls and has to do the Bhangra on
his back
Goree hai , kararee hai , bhoon se utarti hai , jab jab milti hai o
kudi meri
Be ucha lamba kad hai , chauda sa bi had hai , dur se dikhta hai , o
munda  mera 
Dekhne me tagda hai , jungle me pakdea hai , seeng dikhata hai , o
munda mera 

Paji ye sharir hai , gumti lakir hai , akad ke chalti hai 

SONG: LADKI BADI ANJANI HAI - submitted by "Noorhazlina"


Ladki badi anjani hai
There is a strange girl

Sapna hai
She is a dream

Sach hai kahani hai
Is she for real or a story

Dekho yeh pagli
Look at this mad one

Bikhul na badli
She hasn't changed

Yeh to vahi deewani hai
She's still the same crazy one

Ladka bada anjana hai
There is a strange boy

Sapna hai
He is a dream

Sach hai ya afsana hai
Is he for real or a story

Haa..haa yeh pagla
Yes..yes this mad one

Bilkhul na badla
He hasn't changed

Yeh to vahi deewana hai
He's still the same crazy one

Pase rehke bithi doori
We were close and yet so far

Jane kaise demajboori
Those were strange circumstances

Waqt woh bhi ajeeb tha
Those were strange times

Jab tu mere kareeb tha
When you were so close

Ko gaye tu yeh kis jahame
Where are you lost

Main yaha ho
I'm right here

Dekhe to zara
If you would only look

Hmm. bheed mein bhi thi tanhai
I was lonesome even in a crowd

Yaad har pal teri aaye
You were forever in my memory

Rokey koi mujhe zara
If someone stops me now

Bhar na aaye yeh dil mera
My heart will brim over

Behke behke meri khadam hai
I can't stand steady

Aisa me to zamana to zara
Only you can help me now

Sapna dekhaye
You gave me dreams

Jagena sota hai
I'm neither awake nor asleep

Kuch kuch hota hai
Something happens in my heart

Hum dil de chuke sanam

Dheel de

This is a first attempt . Others please correct . This song interestingly has been cut from movies in India to shorten the length . It takes place when Salman is flying a kite and half way through its string gets cut by a rival .

shout : kai po che ( ? the contest is on )

Salman : Ae Dheel de , Dheel de de ray bhaiya x2
Oh give looseness (dheel) , looseness give me (of the kite string ) brother (friend)

us patang ko dheel day , jaise hi masti may aye
give that kite (patang) some loosenes , as soon as it comes in masti (?close)

us patang ko kheech de
then pull that kite

men-pro Salman

tez, tez , tez hai , manja apna tez hai
sharp , sharp ,sharp it is , our thread (?manja) is sharp

ungli kat sakti hai bapu , to patang kya cheez hai?
even a finger can get cut , old man (father) , what is a kite ( in front of it )?

dheel de.. classical music signfying the fight

Salman's kite string get cut and the others laugh at him It's cut !

men -anti Salman

aey lambe !, Teri patang to gayi kam se , kaise kati !, udi thi shaaan se !
oh tall one ! ,Your kite is useless now , look how its cut ! , how proudly it flew (showing off )

1st women antiSalman

Chal sanam , ab khisak , teri nahin thi woh patang , wo to gayi kisi ke sang , sang
Walk man , move from here , it wasnt meant to be your kite , it has gone with someone else , someone else .

2nd lot of women -pro Salman

Oh gam na kar , ghuman phir se tu phir se ghar ghar
Oh dont be sad , start again , let loose again

asman hai tera , honslah buland kar
the sky (limit) is yours ,take courage


Gham nahin hai ankhon me , na manje ki pakad hai
No sadness in the eyes , neither is the thread entwined (??)

Women -pro

Tan kase bandte hain isko kya khabar hai
How the fight is conducted , what does your opponent know of it ( ???) Men -pro
Ladale pech fir se , tu hone de jung
Fight with the strings again , let there be war

Nazar sado ho unchi , sikhati hai patang ,sikhati hai patang
They eyes should always be held high , teaches the kite ,teaches the kite

Salman fights again and wins the contest .

Tadap tadap

Salman Khan - an 'Italian' musical student come to India falls in love with the music teacher's daughter when he is living with them . The teacher tells him that his 'guru dakshina' ie payment to teacher is that he go away and forget about his daughter. Salman departs singing this song , stumbling about in the Rajasthani desert .

This is fairly deep Urdu , so scholars please correct .

Bejan dil ko , bejan dil ko , tere ishq ne zinda kiya This lifeless heart , this liefeless heart , your love had brought it alive Phir tere ishq ne hee is dil ko tabha kiya
And then you love it was , that made it distraught

Tadap tadap ke is dil se Aah niqalti rahi
From the tortured heart came deep sighs

Mujko saza di pyaar ki , aisa kya gunha kiya ?
I am punished for falling in love , what crime did I commit ?

To lut gaye , haan , lut gaye hum teri mohabbat me x3
I have lost everything ( been looted) ,yes , lost everything for my love for you

Ajab hai ishq yaara ,
This love is a strange kind of friendship -intimacy

pal do pal ki kushiyan , gum ke khazane milte hain phir
fleeting moments of happiness , and then boxes and boxes full of sorrow

milti hain tanhayina
you get aching tensions

kabi asoon , kabi ahen , kabi shiqwe , kabi nale ,
sometimes tears , sometimes sighs , sometimes beratings , sometimes wailful songs

tera chehar nazar aye
your face appears everywhere

tera chehar nazar aye , din ke ujale me teri yaden tadapaye
your face appears everywhere , in the light of day your memories ( thoughts ) haunt me

teri yaden tadpayen raton ke andhera me , tera chehara nazar aye
your memories in the darkness of night too , your face I see

machal machal ke is dil se aah niqalti rahi
from this tortured heart come the tormented sighs

Agar mile khuda to , puchun ga 'khudaye If I meet God , I will ask him 'God

jism muje de ke mitti ka , shishe sa dil kyun banaya ?
having giving me a body of earth ( clay) why did you make the heart of glass ?

aur us pe diya fitrat ke wo karta hai mohabbat !, wah re wah teri kudrat !
and top of that you made its habit , so that it falls in love ! what a glory of nature ! ( scornful !)

wah re wah teri kudrat ! us pe de diya kismat ,kabi hai milan , kabi furqat , kabi hai milan kabi furqat yehi kya wo mohabbat ?, wah re wah teri kudrat !'
how glorious your handiwork ! and on top of that you gave fate , sometimes encounters , sometimes separations , is that what there is to love ? how glorious is your nature!'

sisk se sisk ke is dil aah niklti rahi , mujko saza di pyaar ki
with quiet sobs , from this heart come sighs , I have been punished for falling in love

aisa kya gunha kiya , to lut gaye teri mohabbat me ? x2
what crime had I commited? , that I lost everything in her love .

Lav Kush

Lav Kush - the lyrics of this one are pretty straightforward so it is surprising that Superdigital did not do the subtitling for the songs ..

The two female dancers are singing this as the whole city of Ayodhya celebrates the homecoming of Rama and Sita after her rescue from the demon King Ravana -ie Diwali , and before things start to go wrong..

Sari Ayodhya naachti , jhoomti.. jhoomti nachti
All of Ayodhya is dancing , swaying .. swaying ,dancing

Ram raj ayo re - King Ram's reign has come

7.10 Ram Raj aya hai aisa , pehle na dekha tha aisa
Ram's kind of reing , had never been seen before like it

Charo taraf hai sukh ki varsha, adhbut haid drishya kaisa! x2
All around there is a rain of happiness , what an amazing scene it is !

7.12 Ab na kahin bi choree hai , ab na kahin bi daka
Now there is no theft anywhere , now there is no robbery

Ab na kahin bi bhookh hai , Ram hai sab ka rakha
Now there is no hunger anywhere , Ram safeguards all

8.15 sari ayodhya ... musical notes

9.08 Aisa rang kabi yeh dharti dharan phir na karegi
The world will never take on such color again

Jab tak rahegi yeh duniya , Ram ki baat karegi
As long as the earth is here , it will talk about Ram

9.50 Idhar dekha hai hum ne in phoolon ka khilna
We have seen here these flowers bloom

Ambar aur dharti ka yahin pe dekha milan
Seen ambar ( ? heaven) and the earth meet here

10.10 Sari ayodhya ..

Dholi Taro dhol baje

Give it a try , Some Gujjus online should correct it , it will give you the gist even if there are mistakes . Time display on the non pirate superdigital DVD -HDDCS

Dholi taro dhol bajo dhum dhum
Bride your drum beats dhum dhum

male chorus 
khanana khan khana 
? sounds khan khana
are tanaa na tan tana 
? something sounds tan tana
ae janana jan jana 
? sounds jan jana 
chhanana chana chana
the anklet sounds chan chana

jhanaa jhan jhana bajere aaj 
? sounds today jhanaana 
tanana tan tan tana baje manjira
the manjira ( ?instrument ) sounds tanaa tan tana 
khanakhan khnaa goree ke kanagana aao
the bangles make a sound khanakhana
chhanana chana chana paya sang baje
and with them all the payal (anklet) sounds chanachana

151 (Radha and God Krishna meeting) -males 
sar pe chunar ode niklegi aaj Radhan gopeeyon ke sang
on her head the saree scarf , Radha will come out with her
cowgirl friends 

kanda bi beech beech tang koi kheech kheeche 
Krishna to will come in between them and pull some legs

murli se barsayega wo sur tarang 
from his flute he will shower enchanting tunes

151.34 Dharti aur wo gagan jhumenge sang sang , sab pe
chadega aaj prem rang
The earth and that sky will sway together , all will get
splashed with the colors of love 

Rangin gulal hoga , socho kya haal hoga
The enviornment will be colorful , just think what
everyone's condition will be !
nachenge prem rogi dham dhama dhum 
all the love ill will dance dham dhama dhum 

katila , katila bidkit bidkit baje mrihdham dham dhanm
the mridham ( ? instrument) will make these sounds 

152 Baje re baje re dhol baje 
Sounds , it sounds , the drum sounds 
Dholi taro dhol baje dholi ke dhum dhum baje dhol
Bride your  dhol ( drum ) sounds dhum dhum 

153Salman -male 
choree badi anmol , mithe mithe iske bol ankhe iski gol gol 
girl is unique , sweet sweet her speech , eyes are round 

Ash- female 
Chora hai natkhat , bole hai  patpat ,
the boy he is naughty , talks fast (nonsense) 

chede mujhe bole ese bol 
teases me with his words 

154 Male
rasilo taro roop.  choon loon zara
intoxicating your  body let me touch it 


154 Raat ki rani roop mera mehkasar
I am the Queen of the night , ? fragrant 

 udhe gi mehak choona na mujhe behkasar
dont touch me the fragrance will be let loose ( and
intoxicate you ) , behkasar (   clumsy one ) 

154.30 male
Paas aja meri rani
come near me my queen 

tun nahin meri mane
you are not going to listen to me 

karoonga main man mani 
I will do what I want ( my heart tells me) 

kar na  shaitani 
dont do devlish (shaitan) things 

156 ho gaya hangama 
the party has become chaotic 

The second one is fairly straightforward and I have tried to do it for you . Its a very erotic dance , are you sure you want to go ahead and do it ? It might turn the men on too much ..

called -raja me to ho gayi

itni hai mori kahaani ke rajaa me to hogayi tori deevaani
my story is that my king i have become mad for you

jaise ke bagiya me phulava khilut hai
like in a garden the flower blooms

vaise khilu me tore sang re
thats the way I bloom in your company

jaise ke ganga se jamana milat hai
like the Jamuna river meets the Ganges

vaise milun me tore sang re
thats the way I meet with you

jaise kadhayan me tilva jalat hai
?   something on fire
vaise jalu me tore sung re
thats the way I am on fire with you 

jaise surukhiya pe gadi chalut hai 
the way that on ?surukhiya , the cart runs
vaise chalu me tore sung re
thats the way I walk with you

jaise badarva me bijuri rahat hai
?the way the lightning stays in the clouds
vaise rahu me tore sang re
that is the way I stay with you 

jaise ke nadiya me naiya bahut hai
the way that the boat sails in the river

vaise bahu me tore sang re 
thats the way I sail with you